Internship Opportunities

Baytree Landscape has an internship program that is available at our Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC branch locations. The mission of Baytree Landscape’s internship program is to provide an environment in which students of Horticulture or other related fields gain first-hand knowledge of the landscape profession and cultivate meaningful interactions with industry professionals. Interns will be hands-on in all facets of the various business disciplines and will be able to pull from available resources to improve their skill sets. These interactions ensure that the interns learn practical knowledge to enhance their academic careers. Interns will be assigned a mentor who will work side by side with them throughout the summer as well as work with key managers from all facets of the business. We are pleased to offer our program with pay and a housing stipend is provided. If your school has any specific requirements for your internship, we will work with you to tailor our program to ensure those requirements are met. If you have a passion for the green industry, we want to hear from you!
Our rotational internship program focuses on the following departments:

  • Landscape Installation
  • Project Management
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Account Management
  • Hardscape
  • Irrigation
  • Business Administration: HR/Payroll/Billing/Purchasing/Shop
  • Design / Sales / Estimating

We encourage anyone to apply who has a passion for the green industry. Our program will establish a solid foundation for anyone pursuing a career in the commercial landscape industry. Through gaining hands-on experience in all aspects of the industry, you will find the career path you most desire. We will mentor you and work with you as you come to discover what you are passionate about. It’s our desire to see you discover what part of the industry you are passionate about, and go do it!

"As a student that will be graduating with a horticulture lawn and turf management degree in December, I was looking for an internship that would fit my needs as a student, as well as help me find an area of the landscape contracting industry that I do the best in. I needed more knowledge to decide on what direction I wanted to take my career. I found just what I was looking for and more in Baytree’s internship program. The way that the program is structured, it fit my needs as a future graduate. I had the opportunity to have hands-on experience in every aspect of the company; including working with the maintenance and construction crews, to observing all management positions. Working with Baytree this summer, has shown me what I like, love, and don’t like about landscape contracting. With this experience, I found that I really enjoyed working with maintenance account management, construction project management and sales. Being able to get an inside look at landscape management, helped me really gain an understanding of what their job consists of, as well as the expectations that their jobs require. It was extremely beneficial to me. Also, with the knowledge I gained from this experience, it helped me set future goals for myself. To be an intern for Baytree has been a one-of-a-kind experience. I have enjoyed my summer-long learning experience, and for that I thank Baytree for a wonderful experience and opportunity."

-Cameron Rowe

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